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actualFile - Property in SSHUtil
actualPoolSize - Field in SshExecutor
addFileSeparator(String) - Method in SSHUtil
author - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin
authorEmail - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin


BUFSIZE - Field in RemoteSCPGet
BUFSIZE - Field in SSHUtil
byValue(int) - Method in Priority


cd(String) - Method in SSHUtil
cd(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
cfg - Property in SSHUtil
changeWorkingDirectory(String) - Method in SSHUtil
changeWorkingDirectory(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
characterSet - Field in RemoteSCP
characterSet - Field in RemoteSCPDir
characterSet - Field in RemoteSCPGet
characterSet - Property in SSHUtil
charSet - Property in RsshValidate
charsetName - Property in RemoteSCP
charsetName - Property in RemoteSCPDir
charsetName - Property in RemoteSCPGet
client - Property in SSHUtil
closeConnection(Connection, Session) - Method in RsshService
closeHandle(boolean) - Method in SSHUtil
closeSession(Session) - Method in RsshService
closure - Field in SshRunnable
cmd - Property in SSHUtil
ComparableFutureTask - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh.executor
ComparableFutureTask(Runnable, T, SshExecutor, int, int, int) - Constructor in ComparableFutureTask
compare(ComparableFutureTask, ComparableFutureTask) - Method in ThreadComparator
configVariable - Property in SSHUtil
connect(String, int) - Method in RsshService
connection - Field in SshRunnable
connection - Property in SSHUtil
constraints - Property in RsshValidate
corePoolSize - Field in ScheduledSshExecutor
corePoolSize - Field in SshExecutor
createRemoteDirs(String) - Method in SSHUtil
createRemoteDirs(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
createRemoteDirs remotely
currentDirectory - Field in SSHUtil


del(String) - Method in SSHUtil
del(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
deleteRemoteFile(String) - Method in SSHUtil
deleteRemoteFile(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
description - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin
dir(String, int) - Method in SSHUtil
dir(SSHUtil, String, int) - Method in SshUtilService
disconnect() - Method in SSHUtil
disconnect(SSHUtil) - Method in SshUtilService
disconnectConnection(Connection, boolean) - Method in SshUtilService
Will decide on if closeConnection is provided if so will close connection
DoCD(String) - Method in SSHUtil
documentation - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin


execute(Runnable, int) - Method in SshExecutor
execute(String) - Method in SSHUtil
execute(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
//sshUtil.cmd=cmd //return sshUtil.execute()
executeCommand(Session, Connection, String, String, String, String, boolean) - Method in RsshService


file - Property in RemoteSCP
file - Field in RemoteSCPGet
file - Property in RsshValidate
fileExists(String) - Method in SSHUtil
fileExists(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
sshUtil.localFile=fileName boolean fileExists = sshUtil.fileExists()
fileSize(String) - Method in SSHUtil
filter - Field in RemoteSSH
filter - Property in RsshValidate
finaliseConnection(boolean) - Method in SSHUtil
decides if single instance and closes sftp client as well as ssh2 connection to server
FS - Field in SSHUtil


getBinaryPermission(String) - Method in SSHUtil
getConfig(String) - Method in RsshValidate
getConfig(String) - Method in SshConfig
getConfig(String) - Method in SSHUtil
0.11 customised to lookup internal configVariable meaning default remotessh config key can be overridden demonstrated in release-0.10.md
getConfig() - Method in SshUtilService
getDecimalPermission(String) - Method in SSHUtil
getDir() - Method in SSHUtil
getDisconnect() - Method in SSHUtil
getFile(String, String, boolean) - Method in SSHUtil
getFile(SSHUtil, String, String) - Method in SshUtilService
Examples other than below:
getFileNames(String, boolean) - Method in SSHUtil
getFileNames(SSHUtil, String, boolean) - Method in SshUtilService
getFilePermission(String) - Method in SSHUtil
getFiles(List<String>, String) - Method in SSHUtil
getFiles(SSHUtil, List<String>, String) - Method in SshUtilService
getFileUserId(String) - Method in SSHUtil
getInitialise() - Method in SSHUtil
getInitialise() - Method in SshUtilService
0.10 introduces initialise which simplifies and wraps requirements in SSHUtil class with initialise connection, SCPClient and SFTPv3Client are all initiated @return
getListFiles() - Method in SSHUtil
getLs() - Method in SSHUtil
return a listing of the contents of a directory in short format on the remote machine
getMkDirs() - Method in SSHUtil
getModificationDateTime(String) - Method in SSHUtil
getOctalPermission(String) - Method in SSHUtil
getOpenConnection() - Method in SSHUtil
getOpenConnection() - Method in SshUtilService
runs default no host no port which finds as per configuration file or defaults
getPermission(String) - Method in SSHUtil
getScpClient(Connection, String) - Method in SSHUtil
getScpClient(Connection, String) - Method in SshUtilService
getValue() - Method in Priority
grailsApplication - Property in SshConfig
grailsApplication - Property in SshUtilService
grailsVersion - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin


handle - Property in SSHUtil
HIGH - Enum Constant in Priority
HIGHEST - Enum Constant in Priority
host - Property in RemoteSCP
host - Field in RemoteSCPGet
host - Field in RemoteSSH
host - Property in RsshValidate
hostname - Property in RemoteSCPDir


initialise(String, String, String, String, int, String, boolean) - Method in SSHUtil
initialise(String, String, String, String, int, String, boolean) - Method in SshUtilService
initialiseRemoteFile(String, String, boolean) - Method in SSHUtil
isDirectory(String) - Method in SSHUtil
isDirectory(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
isHiddenFile(String) - Method in SSHUtil
isHiddenFile(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
isNotHiddenFile(String) - Method in SSHUtil
isNotHiddenFile(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
isPaused - Field in ScheduledSshExecutor
issueManagement - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin



keepAliveTime - Field in SshExecutor
keyfile - Property in RsshValidate


license - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin
listFiles(String) - Method in SSHUtil
listFiles(SSHUtil) - Method in SshUtilService
listNames(String) - Method in SSHUtil
listNames(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
localdir - Property in RemoteSCPDir
localdir - Field in RemoteSCPGet
localdir - Property in RsshValidate
localDir - Property in SSHUtil
localDirectory - Property in RsshValidate
localFile - Property in SSHUtil
log - Field in SSHUtil
LOW - Enum Constant in Priority
LOWEST - Enum Constant in Priority


maximumPoolSize - Field in SshExecutor
maxPoolSize - Property in ComparableFutureTask
maxQueue - Field in ScheduledSshExecutor
maxQueue - Field in SshExecutor
MEDIUM - Enum Constant in Priority
minPreserve - Property in ComparableFutureTask
minPreserve - Field in SshExecutor
mkdir(String) - Method in SSHUtil
Creates a new subdirectory on the FTP server in the current directory .
mkdir(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
mkDirs(String) - Method in SSHUtil
mkDirs(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
mode - Property in RemoteSCP
mode - Property in RemoteSCPDir
mode - Property in RemoteSCPGet
mode - Property in RsshValidate


namespace - Property in RsshTagLib


openConnection(String, int, String, String) - Method in SSHUtil
openConnection(String, int, String, String) - Method in SshUtilService
openFileRO(String) - Method in SSHUtil
openFileWR(String) - Method in SSHUtil
openSession(Connection, File, String, String, String) - Method in RsshService
output - Property in RemoteSCP
output - Property in RemoteSCPDir
output - Field in RemoteSCPGet
output - Field in RemoteSSH


pause() - Method in ScheduledSshExecutor
pauseLock - Field in ScheduledSshExecutor
permission - Field in RemoteSCP
permission - Field in RemoteSCPDir
permission - Property in RsshValidate
port - Property in RemoteSCP
port - Property in RemoteSCPDir
port - Field in RemoteSCPGet
port - Field in RemoteSSH
Priority - Enum in grails.plugin.remotessh.executor
priority - Property in ComparableFutureTask
Priority(int) - Constructor in Priority
put(String, String) - Method in SSHUtil
put(SSHUtil, String, String) - Method in SshUtilService
putDir(Connection, String, String, String, String) - Method in RemoteSCPDir
putFile(String, OutputStream) - Method in SSHUtil
putFile(SSHUtil, String, String) - Method in SshUtilService
sshUtik.remoteDir=remoteDir sshUtil.localFile=localFile sshUtil.putFile()
putFiles(List<String>, String) - Method in SSHUtil
putFiles(SSHUtil, List<String>, String) - Method in SshUtilService



readFile(String) - Method in SSHUtil
readFile(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
This is using SFTPv3Client to read file
readRemoteFile(String) - Method in SSHUtil
Reads string content of remote file
readRemoteFile(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
This is using SCPClient to read remote file //sshUtil.remoteFile=remoteFile //sshUtil.readRemoteFile()
remotedir - Property in RemoteSCP
remotedir - Property in RemoteSCPDir
remotedir - Property in RsshValidate
remoteDir - Property in SSHUtil
remoteFile - Property in SSHUtil
remoteFileSize(String) - Method in SSHUtil
remoteFileSize(SSHUtil, String) - Method in SshUtilService
//sshUtil.remoteFile=remoteFile //return sshUtil.remoteFileSize()
RemoteSCP - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh
Copies a file to remote server.
RemoteSCP() - Constructor in RemoteSCP
RemoteSCPDir - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh
Called by IncludeUpdate class scps a folder to specified end server.
RemoteSCPDir() - Constructor in RemoteSCPDir
RemoteSCPGet - Class in ssh
Used by AddFTP and AddServerRemote classes This uses SSHConfig Interface Gets files from remote hosts
RemoteSCPGet(String, String, String, String, String, Integer, String) - Constructor in RemoteSCPGet
RemoteSSH - Class in ssh
RemoteSSH(String, String, String, String, String, String, Integer) - Constructor in RemoteSSH
RemoteSshGrailsPlugin - Class in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin
RemoteSshGrailsPlugin() - Constructor in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin
remoteTargetDirectory - Property in RsshValidate
reply - Field in SSHUtil
resolvePathname(String) - Method in SSHUtil
Result(SshConfig) - Method in RemoteSCP
Result(SshConfig) - Method in RemoteSCPDir
Result(SshConfig) - Method in RemoteSCPGet
Result(SshConfig) - Method in RemoteSSH
resume() - Method in ScheduledSshExecutor
rmdir(String, boolean) - Method in SSHUtil
Removes a directory on the FTP server (if empty).
rmdir(SSHUtil, String, boolean) - Method in SshUtilService
RsshService - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh
RsshService() - Constructor in RsshService
rsshService - Property in RsshTagLib
RsshTagLib - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh
RsshTagLib() - Constructor in RsshTagLib
RsshValidate - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh
RsshValidate() - Constructor in RsshValidate
run() - Method in SshRunnable
runCommand(RsshValidate) - Method in RsshService
runCommand - Property in RsshTagLib


S_IFDIR - Field in SSHUtil
S_IFMT - Field in SSHUtil
schedule(Runnable, Long, TimeUnit) - Method in ScheduledSshExecutor
ScheduledSshExecutor - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh.executor
ScheduledSshExecutor(int) - Constructor in ScheduledSshExecutor
scm - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin
scpClient - Property in SSHUtil
scpDir(Connection, Session, String, String, String, String) - Method in RsshService
scpDir - Property in RsshTagLib
scpFile(Connection, String, String, String, String) - Method in RsshService
scpFile - Property in RsshTagLib
scpGet(Connection, String, String, String) - Method in RsshService
scpGet - Property in RsshTagLib
setDefinedPriority(Priority) - Method in SshExecutor
setFilePermission(String, String) - Method in SSHUtil
setFileUserId(String, int) - Method in SSHUtil
Your end user needs to have sufficient privileges The user does not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation.
setMaximumPoolSize(int) - Method in SshExecutor
setMaxQueue(int) - Method in SshExecutor
setMinPreserve(int) - Method in SshExecutor
setModificationDateTime(String, Date) - Method in SSHUtil
sftpClient(Connection, String) - Method in SSHUtil
sftpClient(Connection, String) - Method in SshUtilService
singleInstance - Property in SSHUtil
splitPermission(String) - Method in SSHUtil
splitter - Property in RsshValidate
SshConfig - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh
SshConfig() - Constructor in SshConfig
SshExecutor - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh.executor
sshExecutor - Property in ComparableFutureTask
SshExecutor() - Constructor in SshExecutor
sshExecutor - Property in SshUtilService
sshkey - Property in RsshValidate
sshkeypass - Property in RsshValidate
sshpass - Property in RsshValidate
sshport - Property in RsshValidate
SshRunnable - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh.executor
@author Vahid Hedayati April 2019
SshRunnable(SSHUtil, Connection, Closure) - Constructor in SshRunnable
@param sshUtil : SSHUtil currently in use the class passed in
sshuser - Property in RsshValidate
SSHUtil - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh
Utility class that binds into SshUtilService and does all the work
sshUtil - Field in SshRunnable
SSHUtil(Connection, SFTPv3Client, SFTPv3FileHandle, boolean) - Constructor in SSHUtil
SshUtilService - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh
SshUtilService() - Constructor in SshUtilService
sudo - Field in RemoteSSH
sudo - Property in RsshValidate


ThreadComparator - Class in grails.plugin.remotessh.executor
ThreadComparator() - Constructor in ThreadComparator
threadedExecutor(SSHUtil, Connection, Priority, Closure) - Method in SshUtilService
timeoutExecutor - Property in ComparableFutureTask
timeoutUnit - Field in SshExecutor
title - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin
transactional - Property in RsshService
trimResponseCode(String) - Method in SSHUtil


unpaused - Field in ScheduledSshExecutor
updatePriority(int, int, int) - Method in ComparableFutureTask
user - Property in RemoteSCP
user - Property in RemoteSCPDir
user - Field in RemoteSCPGet
user - Field in RemoteSSH
usercommand - Property in RemoteSCP
usercommand - Field in RemoteSCPDir
usercommand - Field in RemoteSCPGet
usercommand - Field in RemoteSSH
usercommand - Property in RsshValidate
userpass - Property in RemoteSCP
userpass - Property in RemoteSCPDir
userpass - Field in RemoteSCPGet
userpass - Field in RemoteSSH


value - Property in Priority
valueOf(String) - Method in Priority
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Method in Priority
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
version - Property in RemoteSshGrailsPlugin


writeFile(String, String) - Method in SSHUtil
writeFile(SSHUtil, String, String) - Method in SshUtilService
simplified version of original above
writeFileWithName(String, String) - Method in SSHUtil
writeFileWithName(SSHUtil, String, String) - Method in SshUtilService
Other ways: //sshUtil.localFile=localFile //sshUtil.remoteFile=remoteFile //return sshUtil.writeFileWithName()





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